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Welcome to Multiverse Reality

A Multiverse Space Application developed by Seekereal LLC

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Build Virtual to the Reality
Bring Life to a Multiverse

We Create World-Scale AR Experience

Our game is a multi-player mobile game that players can protect the city and nation through both city map and real 1 to 1 scale AR world. Combine with AR, GPS and Compass, our game could provide amazing outdoor AR game play that charactor could sense and react to the real environment.

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Your Phone is the Portal

Project the multiverse to your real world

The game has indoor and outdoor play modes. 
In indoor game mode, you can explore cities, protect the whole world. The indoor play mode contains 75 levels that happen in New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. You can also build your farm to collect rewards.
In Outdoor mode, you can explore in your own city in AR, fight the enemies invade your city, and collect rewards. Want to play like the movie: Free Guy? Our game is your choice.

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Game Features

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Cardano Blockchain As Economic System

Blockchain is the future and we are embracing it. Our game characters are Cardano NFTs and Our game currency is Cardano Native tokens.

We made Cardano NFT for these characters and all the characters are on blockchain now. When you own the NFT, you will own 2D images, 3D models and you will be the only user who can play this character in the game. 

We stored the character information such as GUID inside the NFT and cannot be edit. You own the NFT, you own the character in the game.

We will build a platform for NFT trade in the future. Cardano will be a game currency in the future and We have launched our native Cardano Tokens: Reality Coin.


Game Play Demo

Defeat Your Enemy Both in Map and Real World AR

AR Mode

Have a Walk and Don't Let Enemy Destroy Your City

Map Mode

Protect Your City Anywhere

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When are you going to launch your game?

The game is still under development. We will start our Alpha test around Oct, 2021 and launch on IOS App Store and Google Game Store around early 2022.

Who are you targeting and how large is your target market?

The target audience is all the curious people who have some chip time to spend, who are interested in games (especially AR games like Pokémon Go) or travel and have online or offline consumption abilities. The potential target market is millions of users based on data from other location-based AR game.

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Come Work with Us

Unity Developer - About The Job

Seekereal is looking for a Unity developer to help us devleop game mechianics and multi player data storage. You can create the game in your way. You will also join a team with experienced game developer and great design technology specalist who are funny, creative and full of energy.


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